Lose Weight Without Dieting: In 8 Simple Steps

There are several strategies that help you lose weight without dieting. Although food continues to play a leading role, it is not necessary to have  a specific, low-calorie diet in order to obtain good results.

In fact, the popular “miracle diets” are lagging behind. The reality is, no matter how effective a diet is, in the medium and long term, most people pile the pounds back on. On the other hand, making some changes in your regular diet delivers permanent results .

In addition, dietary changes  guarantee an good supply of nutrients, this contributes to maintaining an optimal level of physical and mental energy . Still not convinced?  Instead of getting  carried away by dangerous diets , just apply the advice we give you and you are sure to see positive changes.

7 changes that help you lose weight without dieting

The best way to lose weight without dieting is to change your mentality when it comes to food. Many people tend to relate the term “diet” to those restrictive plans that promise to eliminate pounds in a matter of days or weeks.

However, far from producing benefits, these feeding patterns are harmful and result in the unwanted “yo-yo effect”. On top of this,  after completing a diet, the body usually suffers from some type of nutritional deficiency and quickly recovers all the weight.

Therefore, it is essential to understand that a good diet has to be applied permanently as part of your lifestyle. This means including all groups of nutrients, controlling the number of calories without falling into extremes. So, what changes do you need to apply?

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1. Eat more often

Lose Weight Without Dieting

One of the keys to maintaining an active metabolism throughout the day is to eat between five and six meals. Therefore, instead of enjoying three hearty meals a day, try and divide the portions and eat every 3 or 4 hours. This keeps glucose levels stable and reduces the need for overeating .


2. Have breakfast every day

That bad habit of skipping breakfast to “save” calories has to be stopped. To lose weight without dieting, it is essential to have a complete and balanced breakfast every day. This must contain 25% of the total daily calories .

So to avoid those industrial sized pastries and creamy lattes, opt for healthy options such as:

  • Oats and whole grains
  • Natural yogurt
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Egg whites (maximum one yolk)
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Turkey ham
  • Olive oil


3. Increase water consumption

Drinking water is good for weight control.

Water is the best drink for anyone whose goal is weight loss. Not only is drinking water absolutely free of calories, but its assimilation in the body stimulates the elimination of toxins and maintains good liver and kidney function . It also prolongs the feeling of fullness and calms the uncontrollable desire to eat.


4. Avoid sugar consumption

Although sugary foods are delicious and addictive, it is essential to start limiting your intake. Unfortunately, this substance primarily involved in the appearance of metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity . Avoid adding it to your meals and read labels so you can identify it in products such as:

  • Industrial baked goods
  • Sweets and candies
  • Marmalades and dressings
  • Soft drinks  and juices (yes even in juices)
  • Breakfast cereals


5. Eat more protein

In any healthy diet plan to lose weight it is essential to add protein sources of high biological value . This macronutrient interacts with the functions of the metabolism , helps to increase the muscular mass and regulates the activity of some hormones.

Great protein sources can be obtained from foods such as:

  • Fish and seafood
  • Lean meats (chicken and turkey)
  • Legumes (lentils, soybeans, beans, etc.)
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Serrano ham
  • Whey and cheese


6. Adopt an exercise routine

Exercise routines to tone the arms.

The most effective way to lose weight without dieting is by maintaining a regular exercise routine. This healthy habit complements the effects of balanced diet, boosting the functions of metabolism. In passing, it calms anxiety and promotes general well-being.

Some recommended activities are:

  • Walking at a rapid pace
  • Jump the rope
  • Ride the bicycle
  • Go to the gym
  • Take dance lessons
  • Go to swimming lessons



7. Cooking at home

People who regularly eat out in restaurants tend to have more difficulty controlling their weight .  Why? Essentially restaurants and takeaways are more concerned with flavor than your waistline. This means they pile on the fat, sugar and salt in a bid to keep you coming back for more.

There are situations where you can opt for a low calorie alternative, or ask for rich sauces to be held back. While that’s well and good, nothing gives you more control than cooking your food yourself.

Therefore, a major recommendation to achieve a healthy weight is to devote part of the day to home cooking . This allows a better combination of foods and, in turn, lowers your overall calorie intake.


8. Chew your food more thoroughly and Slowly

This may be a hard one, particularly if your used to wolfing your food down. However, when it comes to ways to lose weight without dieting, this one is a biggie. When you are eating, your brain has to have time to completely process that you’re belly is full.

When you thoroughly  chew your food you naturally eat more slowly, which in turn can help with reducing food intake, consuming smaller portions and an increased sense of satiety. (12).

And yes, how fast you eat your food really can affect your weight.

Recently studies were conducted that found that fast eaters had an increased likelihood of gaining weight than slower eaters (4).

As a way to retrain yourself to eat more slowly, try and count the amount of times you chew each bite.



In summary…

A balanced and complete diet is the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Although miracle diets may be tempting, if you are looking for long term benefits, they just don’t cut the mustard.  Rather than jump all in, it is best to make small changes every day.

The key here is patience and consistency when applying daily efforts to improve your eating habits.  While these strategies combat weight gain, their effects will depend on your metabolism and overall health.

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