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  • 1 Second Banana Slicer

    1 Second Banana Slicer

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  • Food Safe Miracle defrosting tray

    Food Safe Miracle defrosting tray

    Frozen Food defrosting tray- Maximize your Cooking times!

    The Safest Way to defrost meat or frozen food quickly, and naturally. Defrosts frozen food in minutes – even when frozen rock solid!  Easy to clean, the tray is completely dishwasher safe. 

    With the miracle defrosting tray there’s no need to continually use the microwave, or hot water to defrost food. That means in the long run, you save time and extra expense. The tray also ensures that the natural flavor of your food stays intact, allowing you to have faster and more delicious meals every time 

    This super defrosting tray is made out of high quality thermal conductive material to speed up thawing process dramatically. All perfectly safe and natural. 

    The Defrosting Tray dimensions are  14″ x 8″

    Perfect for any kitchen – watch the miracle defrosting tray in action!



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  • Miracle Cooking Basket

    Miracle Cooking Basket


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    A handy kitchen aid!

    Whether you’re boiling or deep frying, the Miracle Cooking Basket will get you through the task because of its unique design.

    Not only it is for cooking, it also serves as a colander for draining and a cooling rack. Prepare meals from the pot or pan and carry it straight to the plate.

    The Miracle Cooking Basket can take the heat but certainly not the handles that stay cool to the touch no matter how many times it’s being used.

    All it takes is a few minor transformations to make it one of the best kitchen tools you’ll ever have. It’s made of quality stainless steel and very easy to clean.

    Limited Supply: Get Your Miracle Cooking Basket TODAY!



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  • Premium Steel Layered Thermal Lunch Containers

    Premium Steel Layered Thermal Lunch Containers



    • 100% Leak Proof Seal – Carrying liquid foods including curry, chili or soup without the worry of leakage during transportation. Each layer has a screw top locking system creating an airtight seal.
    • Thermal Insulation System – The double-walled vacuum insulated exterior thermos will keep your food cold for up to 4 hours or hot up to 2 hours. The exterior will not produce condensation or be hot to the touch.
    • Environmentally Friendly – Our lunch boxes are made with 18/8 stainless steel and a commercial grade plastic material. 100% BPA FREE – non-toxic pollution.
    • Built To Last – Made of industrial quality stainless steel, incredibly durable and will last for a long time. It’s quick and easy to clean by hand.
    • Free Worldwide Shipping: 100% Free Standard Insured Shipping anywhere in the World, we’ve got you covered.
    • 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee: After you receive it, we’re so certain you will love it that If you don’t, you can send it back. No Hassle. For a full refund


    thermal lunch container





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    Reusable 6pcs Soda Saver For Cans And Bottles Tops
    $27.95 $21.95

    Reusable 6pcs Soda Saver For Cans And Bottles Tops

    6Pcs Soda Saver For Cans & Bottles

    Can be reused, just wash and simply snap onto another can.

    • Reduce the possibility of unwanted insects crawling into your drink.
    • Travel with your canned drink and don’t worry about spilling out.
    • Cans of soda did not leak with Bottle Tops attached.
    • Bottle Tops are an excellent way to prevent spilling when you are drinking soda at picnics.
    • Bottle top lids come in a wide variety of colors. Each person chooses a color, ensuring cans won’t be mixed up between people.


    Package Include:

    6 Pcs Bottle Caps

    $27.95 $21.95
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