Anti-smoking PatchesAnti-smoking Patches

35 Patches Anti-smoking Patches: natural patches to quit smoking

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Anti-smoking Patches

  • ✔Attach the Anti-smoking Patches every morning when you get up to control the urge to smoke. This should be removed before going to bed
  • ✔100%Natural Ingredients 
  • ✔Paste the Anti-smoking Patches on cleaned upper parts of body such as: arm,thigh, hip and lower back.
  • ✔Tobacco contains nicotine. This Anti-smoking Patch is primarily for people who are used to smoking and need to fulfil a desire to smoke in public places
  • Nicotine patch dose: Only One patch one day:Each day you smoke less and gradually reduce you nicotine dependence while preparing yourself to quit for good.


Brand Name:Sumifun
Item TypeAnti smoking
Namestop smoking patch
Ingredients100% Natural
FeatureGive up smoking patches
PropertiesNatural remedies for smoking withdrawal
UseUse one Anti Smoking Patch per day


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