Aichun Eight Pack Fat Burning Cream | abdominal sculpting



  • Helps to firm, condition belly skin
  • A fat burning cream that promotes metabolism and enhances muscle definition
  • Effectively melts stored abdominal fat
  • Defines torso, and gives definition to underlying muscles
  • Combats cellulite and “orange peel skin”
  • Firms up slack and loose skin from weight and aging
  • Made with all natural botanical ingredients
  • Light and easily absorbed, targeting troublesome areas fast. 



fat burning cream

Aichun Fat Burning Cream

This fat burning cream tackles belly fat head on, melting away subcutaneous fat and allowing a natural and fitter physic show through. Fast acting, this goes straight into the fatty layers under the skin and starts working.



  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Type: Slimming Cream
  • Net Content: 170g


  • Suitable for men and women, burn fat mainly for waist, abdomen, legs and other parts.
  • Helps to burn fats, accelerates the metabolism and slimming
  • Rapid and healthy weight loss, safe without any side effects .


  • After cleaning, apply adequate amount of this product to the belly and waist,

massage using the circular motions(for 10~20 minutes) until it’s absorbed completely.

  • Wash it after half an hour.
  • Do exercise combined with this product is recommended.

Package included:

  • 1x Slimming Cream



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