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anti snoring device that works! Detects Snoring Biofeedback, Stops Snoring & Sleep Apnea


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Anti snoring device that actually works!

This is an effective solution to stop snoring. This anti snoring device is simple to operate and   convenient for use at home or during travels; no lifestyle change is necessary.

This anti snoring device has a uniquely designed biosensor which automatically detects snoring, immediately utilizing the bodies natural biofeedback mechanism by stimulating the nerves in the wrist area.

Nerve stimulation trains the user to reflexively reduce snoring frequency and volume, the user experiences no harmful side-effects. This is a non-invasive method since nerve stimulation does not disturb or wake the user from normal sleep The wristband is designed for maximum comfort and convenience.


Anti snoring device 

Anti snoring device

  • CE-certified ROHS-certified
  • Power-saving function: automatically powers off after 8 hours of use
  • Pulse amplitude: fixed 180uA, peaks into 1,000 load
  • Pulse rate: fixed 0.2Hz
  • Pulse width: fixed 800uS, voltage 2.5 to 14V, peaks into 1,000 load
  • Wave form: asymmetrical bi-aphasic square pulse
  • Battery type: 1.5V AAA battery

Maximum wrist belt length: 22cm standard (a longer wrist belt is available upon request)



Snoring has probably plagued you for countless years. With that in mind, do not view Snore Stopper as a miracle drug that will end all snores the first night! Snore Stopper is designed to naturally coach your body to gradually decrease your snoring.
We therefore ask that you use the Snore Stopper on a daily basis according to the instructions. As your body adjusts, you will begin to see significant results after 1-2 weeks. You will soon wake to each day feeling energized and refreshed! 



Helps eliminate Sleep Apnea
Helps to Stop Snoring
Allows your Partner to Sleep Better
30 day GUARANTEED satisfaction



1 x Snore Stopper
1 x Wristband
1 x Instructions for Use
1 x Tube of conductive gel (15 ml)
Requires 1 x AAA battery (not included)



Output Intensity180uA
Main Output Form0.2HZ fixed
Service Time8 hours (auto-shutoff)
Power Supply1.5v AAA battery
Operating environment50°-104°F (10°-40°C)
Storage environment-4°-122°F (-20°-50°C)

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