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H2O – Fruit Juice Infusion Water Bottle



This amazing Water Bottle lets you infuse Fruit juice straight into your water!

So you get all the goodness, vitamins and health benefits of your fruit – or vegetable without any processing or extra sugars that come in normal store bought juices.

Take  a bottle out when your working out, or store in a bag at the office, they make a great addition to pack lunches too.


Try healthy blends like:

  • Kiwi + Apple
  • Blueberries + Pineapple + Mango 
  • Coconut water +  Pear
  • Cucumber + Mint + Lemon

The list of variations really does go on, and every one has their own vibrant health properties.

 Take a look at the H2O – Fruit Juice Infusion Water Bottle in action!


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The H2O Fruit Infuser Bottle is the ultimate infuser water bottle – drink smart and healthy!

Along with a proper diet and cardio exercise, the Fitness Fruit Infuser Water Bottle will help you get on track to a healthier you!

Check out the benefits of the H2O Fruit Infuser Bottle:
– Hydrate or detox your body the fun and energizing way by drinking water infused with flavorful fruit and herbs
– Reduce sugar intake and preservatives, and save money too!
– Portable, lightweight, easy to use, and goes anywhere you go

Here’s what you’ll get:
– BPA Free Tritan Plastic Infuser Water Bottle
– Fruit Infuser Basket Insert with Infuser



Note: Please allow 10 – 24 days of delivery period upon purchase

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