Hot Shapers Thermal Shirt for Men – Compression and Calorie Burn Fabric Technology Activewear



ENHANCED THERMO CALORIE BURN: The Cami Hot shirt produces sweat as you move, which results in fast calorie burn and rapid water weight loss. Many people hold excessive water weight, but our product will eliminate those extra pounds. It acts as a fat toxins burner while you’re sweating – leaving you with a slimmer and trimmer body!



 Hot Shapers Thermal Shirt for Men


  • DISTINCT DESIGN FOR FASHION AND FUNCTION: Our innovative fabrication allows moisture to repel from the Cami Hot while you sweat, keeping you dry. No more odor or wetness to distract from your workout. The two-dimensional fabric construction provides an airy, breathable, mesh top section, while the bottom half is a compression fabric that works your waist, love handles and tummy. Comfort is key, which is why the Cami Hot does not have any zippers or closures that will irritate the skin.


  • FABRICATION FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT: The Cami Hot slides on like a glove, and hugs the body’s curves with a high degree of support. Made from 100% latex neoprene, it has excellent stretch properties, which allows freedom of movement while you’re working out or on a run. The material is super thin, but still provides top notch thermal control, resulting in calorie loss.


  • EXTREME VERSATILITY : Who wants to look like they’re going to the gym when you’re really not? Or who has time to change when there’s a busy day ahead? Fortunately, the Cami Hot is perfect for any activity, from sports to walking, and even as an undershirt. Pair it with a button down for going out with friends, and no one will even notice you’re wearing it. The slim, compression fabric makes it undetectable under clothing. Day to night, casual to formal, this top excels at versatility.


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