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Relcar Electrical Pain Relief Pen






• Unique form of TENS-like therapy for instant pain relief naturally

• Easy to use – no leads, pads or complicated settings involved

• Can be used as often as you require

• Even works over light clothing

• Over 1.4 million sold worldwide




Relcar Electrical Pain Relief Pen

The Relcar Electrical Pain Relief Pen sends a controlled electronic frequency straight to the point of required relief. Shaped like a large pen, Relcar Pain Relief Pen is practial, fast to work and easy to use. It functions on the principles of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (also known as TENS or TNS) but, unlike ordinary TENS machines, it has no wires or sticky pads and can be used anywhere, anytime.


Relcar Electrical Pain Relief Pen unique form of TENS like therapy has received an overwhelming success rate with 76% of patients receiving good to excellent relief. It can help to provide effective relief for many conditions or injuries including; Arthritis, Sciatica, Rheumatism, Back Pain, Migraine, Tennis Elbow and other Sports Injuries.


Pulse shape of a ballpoint pen analgesic pain instrument.
Stimulating the nerves to activate the endorphin.
Safe and reliable quality, no side effect, portable and easy to use.
Handy, fast-working and effective for pain relief.
Suitable for both acute and chronic pain, such as muscle pain, back and shoulder pain, pain in the arms and legs, headache and migraine, tennis elbow, sports injuries, sciatica and other physical pain.
Validity period reach to 100000 clicks.
Activate endorphin from your body, which is a natural defense against pain.
Also work through lighting clothing.
There is no danger of excessive use.
Pulses per second design without power supply and with minimum volume.

How to use:
Firmly wrap your finger around the metal ring.
Place the pen over the point of pain and click the gray button 30 to 40 times, each time 30 seconds.
It can activate endorphins, your body’s natural defense against pain.
There is no overdose risk with it. also works through light clothing.

Children under 8 years old must use it with the adult supervision.
Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.


How Many Times Should I Click The Device?

It is recommended to click Relcar Pain Relief Pen 30-40 times per application. This is enough to trigger the body’s natural pain relieving responses. Clicking Relcar Electrical Pain Relief Pen more than 40 times will not have any negative effects.


Is Relcar Electrical Pain Relief Pen Safe?


Yes since
Relcar Pain Relief Pen is completely self-contained and sealed. It has been subject to numerous clinical studies and no side effects were observed.


Who Should Not Use It?


If you are concerned about your health, or take any medication, consult a doctor. It is not recommended to use the Relcar Pain Relief Pen if you suffer from epilepsy, have a heart pacemaker or are pregnant.


Package Included:
1 x Electrical Pain Relief Pen
1 x Carry Pouch


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