Touch Beauty Portable Mini USB-Chargable Nano Moisturizing Facial Steamer

$99.95 $78.95

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around for use on the go and at any time!
  • Nano ionic spray moisturizes your skin all in seconds
  • Light 590 promotes collagen synthesis and skin elasticity, vitalizes cells, and improves skin tone and skin texture.
  • 30 seconds Auto-timing system
  • USB rechargeable (comes with charging wire in box)

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Touch Beauty Portable Mini USB-Chargable Nano Moisturizing Facial Steamer


Product description

This is an amazing facial skin care product by Touch Beauty. The Facial Steamer has a slim and attractive design which can be discreetly placed into a handbag . 

This machine will produce an ultra fine Nanoscale mist which will moisturize your skin in just 30 seconds. 

Light 590 is a collagen booster which has anti-aging benefits to your facial skin. Plus there is no need for batteries as this machine is charged via a USB cable so you dont need batetries and can have power all of the time. How to clean: 
1. A total of 4 hours is needed to recharge the device. It can continuously work for 1 hours when fully recharged. 
2. Plug the USB cable into the USB port on the device and connect it to a computer. 
3. The indicator light turns red when recharging, and turns green when fully recharged. 

How to use the facial steamer: 

1.Fill up the refiller with purified water or diluted toning lotion, together with 1-3 droplets of essential oil. 
2.Remove the tank cover and silicon plug, fill the tank using the refiller. 
3.Push the slide cover open, when you hear a beep, the spray is ready. Spray against your face at a distance of 5-10cm. After a duration of use of 30 seconds, the device auto-stops with two beeps. 
4.While spraying, press the light switch button to shift spraying mode to “Light 590” phototherapy mode and the phototherapy mode starts. Avoid the eye area, move back and forth against your face at a distance of 10cm. Press the switch twice to turn off the device. 
5.Use “Light 590” phototherapy twice weekly, recommended duration of use is 12 minutes. “Light 590” phototherapy and spray together makes a better effect. 



Caring for the device Facial Steamer: 

1. Clean the device with a cloth after each use. 
2. Remove the tank , wash the tank and the refiller after each use. 
3. Do not wash the device with water.