Stretching Exercises Before Walking, What You Should Know

Wondering if stretching exercises before walking is the right thing to do, and if so how you should go about it? Well, here we will look at the types of stretches you should be doing before a walk and why they could revolutionize the way you feel after walking.


Stretching Exercises Before Walking – Yay or Nay?

Absolutely yay! Stretching exercises should be done before starting the walk, as these prepare the muscles and joints for physical activity and improve blood circulation. However, that’s not all. They also need to be performed after walking because stretching helps remove excess lactic acid from the muscles. This in turn  decreases the pain that may arise after physical exertion.

Stretching exercises for walking need to involve large muscle groups such as legs, arms and neck, lasting at least 20 seconds each.

Exercise 1

Stretching exercises to do before and after walking

Flex the body forward for 20 seconds, as shown in the image, without bending the knees. It is not necessary to touch the ground with the hands, but to reach the maximum point of flexion that the body allows.

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Exercise 2

Stretching exercises to do before and after walking


Stay in the position shown by the second image for 20 seconds. This exercise should be done with both legs.

Exercise 3

Stretching exercises to do before and after walking

Stay in the position shown in image 3 for 20 seconds, feeling that the calf is stretched.Perform with both legs. 

Recommendations for walking

The recommendations for walking correctly are:

  • Do these exercises before and after the walk;
  • Whenever you warm up with one leg, do it with the other before moving on to another muscle group;
  • When you warm up, you should not feel pain, only slight spasms in the muscle that is stretching;
  • Start walking slowly and after 5 minutes, increase the pace of the walk. In the last 10 minutes of the walk, slow down;
  • Increase the time of the walk progressively.

Before starting to walk, it is important to see a doctor, especially if you have heart disease.